Best nappy changing bags for Australian mums

3 min readApr 10, 2021


Going out with baby is not a easy task, every parent know that. Nappies, wipes, bottles and spare clothing is must. This is not possible without a bag of great capacity. However, it is not enough to carry around a large, unsightly and heavy XXL bag. Now you’ll find fashionable mum bag on the market that are perfect for your style. Backpacks, tote and handbag, with a variety of sizes and design.

Nappy Bag Types

Tote nappy bag - This is a trendy big handbag, there are even fashion brands like Gucci, Carolina Herrera or Burberry. They are ideal for fashion lovers, as they combine the practicality of a diaper bag with wearing a trendy handbag.

Nappy backpack - Without a doubt, the most comfortable and best for your back. With this kind, it is possible to hang the backpack on both shoulders and distribute the weight better. They are very spacious and have a lot of boxes to keep everything clear.

Multifunctional nappy bags - Larger in size, but very practical because it has a built-in changing mat. Some can even be converted into a small baby gym.

Here we picked some backpacks and handbags from ease on store for you.

Nappy Backpacks

LEQUEEN — Momma Backpack

LEQUEEN backpack comes in few colours, and having lots of space. Few waterproof internal pockets and Compartments for organized contents.

Classic Multipurpose Mommy Backpack

This is a multifunction backpack. Can hold all the necessary items of a baby, folding crib, insulated sleeve and much more.

Multipurpose Nappy Backpack

Classic black and spacy can be used both by mom and dad. Also having insulated pocket and much more.

Nappy Totes and Handbag

Mommy Handbag

Countless internal and external pockets. Water repellent and easy to clean.

Handbag With Crib

Spacy main compartment for baby essentials, Can be used by both mom and dad. Capacious and multi-functional bag.

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